Define Activities – Close Project or Phase

The final stage.

  1. Preparation Plan
  2. Test Strategy
  3. Scenarios, Checklists, and Charters
  4. Data
  5. Execution Schedule
  6. Human Resources
  7. Communication
  8. Procurement
  9. Readiness
  10. Test Execution
  11. Close Project or Phase

Close Project or Phase

If we’ve made it this far then we’ve successfully completed our test execution and it’s time to close the test phase. Our testers and support will be redeployed, either to Cutover and Deployment activities, completing the load files for the final Production data load, helping out as super users with the training, or back into the business for BAU.

We need to close out our procurements and shut down any hubs or other locations. From test execution we can generate our final status report and review any final open defects to ensure there are workarounds or a resolution plan in place. Throughout the test execution phase we should be reviewing the results of the testing with both the testers and the relevant functional stakeholders, so the final sign-off is hopefully a formality – in some instances we may still have some final testing to perform (for example, we may have prioritised some quarter-end reports to be tested after Go Live) so the sign-off may be conditional. The test system can be handed over to BAU or perhaps to Deployment for final dress rehearsals.

Any outstanding CRs and defects can be transferred to the BAU systems, and we can wrap up the phase with a lessons learned session.

Close Phase

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