Define Activities – Procurement

Logistics – software, buildings and rooms, and people.

  1. Preparation Plan
  2. Test Strategy
  3. Scenarios, Checklists, and Charters
  4. Data
  5. Execution Schedule
  6. Human Resources
  7. Communication
  8. Procurement
  9. Readiness
  10. Test Execution
  11. Close Project or Phase


Throughout the test project the test manager will need to procure (or arrange the procurement of) various bits and pieces to support the test execution. The major ones, in probable order of procurement, are:

  • The test case management and defect tracking system. Whether you select a combined system, separate systems, or have one or more imposed on you from the business or system integrator, you’ll need to complete the install, define processes, and set up user access. In HP ALM, for example, defect management flow can be controlled through configuration and user access, so this additional configuration will need to be completed.
  • Building and room logistics. Regardless of where you are going to be executing the testing, you’ll need to arrange suitable test locations and set them up. This may be as simple as booking out a few meeting rooms in the business building, or as complex as a short-term lease on a larger test facility. Any locations will need to be confirmed for suitable connectivity – electricity, network, telecommunications – and set up with desktops and monitors and/or docking stations, whiteboards, projectors, and all the other paraphernalia for testing. If the location is a manufacturing site then site security and health and safety also needs to be considered.
  • Getting people to the test location. It’s likely that some people will need to travel to the test location, so flights and accommodation will need to be arranged. Given the expense of this, there is some pressure to have a competent test schedule so that costs are kept to a minimum while also allowing for contingencies.
  • Putting together the system that we’re testing on. Much of this is internal procurement, with the ECC work being completed by the Basis/Netweaver team, but there will also be other internal and external systems that need to be integrated into our test system.


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