5.4 Create WBS

5.4 Create WBS itto



A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a decomposition of the total scope of work into smaller components. It is hierarchical and deliverable-oriented, rolling up smaller components to a larger deliverable. The lowest level of the WBS is the work package.

Within the overall project delivery you may find that the system integrator has provided their own WBS, of which the delivery of testing is contained within one or more of those work packages. As an SAP test manager we can break down each of these work packages into even smaller components within which we define the tasks and activities required to complete the deliverable(s).

Building on the work that we’ve done in defining the scope, we can define the deliverables that are required to achieve the scope. For example, in order to complete the delivery of the UAT Preparation WBS you could decompose this to several of the following work packages – each of these would ultimately contain multiple tasks/activities:

  • UAT test scenarios defined
  • UAT data requirements defined
  • UAT testers confirmed
  • UAT execution schedule approved
  • UAT readiness checklist confirmed

As the WBS will be decomposed even further to tasks and activities, with dates, sequencing, and allocations to people to action, it makes sense to start to build these in a Project Management tool – a favourite (and the industry leader) is MS Project.


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