6.2 Define Activities

6.2 Define Activities itto



In previous processes we’ve defined our scope and the necessary Work Breakdown Structures for our deliverables. Define Activities is the process of identifying and documenting the specific tasks and activities to be performed to produce those deliverables. These activities provide a basis for estimating, scheduling, executing, monitoring, and controlling the test project work.

The key input to this process is the scope baseline, and expert judgement is applied to identify all activities required to achieve the scope at the level of detail needed to be able to effectively manage the work. This breakdown of the WBS into activities will usually happen concurrently with identifying the WBS, rather than as a sequential activity, and generally each WBS should be decomposed into activities that can be allocated to a single person or to specified groups of people.

A first draft can be created fairly quickly by the test manager and can then be used in review sessions with your test team, PMO, and other streams to confirm the activities required. These review sessions will highlight any missing or erroneous tasks and will also help the teams to understand the various activities required to meet the test goal, and any milestones that may be part of the critical path.


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