6.3 Sequence Activities

6.3 Sequence Activities itto



Sequencing the activities takes the tasks and activities from the previous process and defines the logical sequence required. Most of the time this is a natural outcome of the activity definition anyway, but often the sequencing requires some serious thought to determine dependencies, leads, and lags, to get the most efficiency given the project constraints.

Every activity within a WBS should be connected to at least one predecessor and/or one successor, and logical relationships between tasks and activities should be designed to create a realistic test project schedule. Where necessary you may need to use gaps (leads or lags) between activities.

Microsoft Project is often the tool of choice for developing a project schedule, and the software can assist you in identifying how changes in predecessors and successors can impact the timing of other tasks, activities, and deliverables. Be aware of milestones, fixed relationships, and dependencies when sequencing.


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