SAP Business Scenarios

A collection of SAP business scenarios by functional area / module. Click through the hyperlink in the Functional Area column for more information:

Functional AreaTypeScenario
SalesSOStandard Sales Order
Standard Sales Order with FoC item(s)
Standard Sales Order with Service items
Standard Sales Order with Returnable Packaging
Standard Sales Order with Make-to-Order item(s)
Third Party Sales Order
FDFree of Charge delivery
SDFree of Charge subsequent delivery
RESales Returns with redelivery
Sales returns with credit memo
CRCredit Memo
DRDebit Memo
KBConsignment Fill-up
KEConsignment Issue
KAConsignment Pick-up
KRConsignment Return
LAReturnable Packaging Pick-up
LNReturnable Packaging Issue
Human ResourcesCATSRecord, Save, Maintain, and Submit Timesheets
Release and Approve Timesheets
Transfer Time Data
ESSEmployee Data - Self Service
PPOMEChange Organization and Staffing
PA40Personnel Actions
PA30Maintain Personal Data


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