Finance tends to be the trickiest area for business scenarios. Where you might get one or two business process experts in Sales or Logistics, Finance tends to be broken down into it’s lowest components so you’ll have different process experts for corporate finance, assets, transactional finance, product costing, duty and VAT, etc.


Finance Checks

Finance tends to be the team that reviews, completes, and signs off each scenario, following the document trail to the final conclusion and verifying all postings, which is why the first grouping of scenarios in this section are the finance checks. Tack these on to the end of each scenario, add them in as a daily or weekly check during test execution, or simply maintain a spreadsheet of your scenarios and ask the finance teams to run these checks as a final signoff.

General Finance Checks

Review relevant source documents and document flow – VA03

FB03 – Display Document

KE30 – Execute Profitability Report

KE24 – COPA Display Actual Line Items

Manufacturing Finance Checks

Review relevant source documents and document flow – ME23N, MB03, COR3

FB03 – Display Document

KOB1 – Product Cost by Order – Actual Line Items

Excise Duty Finance Checks

/BEV2/EDDS – Excise Duty Document Selection

/BEV2/EDSL – Excise Duty Movement List


Accounts Receivable

Change Due Date for Customer Invoices

Reprinting an Invoice


Month End Closing

Month End Closing

Year End Closing


Product Costing


Indirect Taxes

Excise Monitoring

Excise Closing

Excise Reporting

VAT Monitoring

VAT Closing

VAT Reporting

Intrastat Reporting

Asset Finance