AKA Human Resources, HR, HCM, HRMS. It consists of many submodules such as:
Organizational Management
Personnel Administration
Time Management
Compensation Management
Personnel Cost Planning
Budget Management
Personnel Development
Training & Event Management
Travel Management
Environmental Health & Safety

Given the large number of modules a complete guide to possible scenarios is out of this scope; I’ve included a selection of key scenarios, and other scenarios can be determined from the pdf guides and based on your specific configuration.

IDES 2001 Human Resources (HR)
IDES 2001 HR Infotypes


Record, Save, Maintain, and Submit Timesheet via ESS – CAT2
Release and Approve Timesheets

CATS – Cross Application Time Sheet – Validate Timesheet
SWI1 – Selection Report for SAP Workflows
CATS_APPR – Approve Working Times

Transfer Time Data

CAT7 – Transfer Timesheet Data to CO
CATM – Transfer Timesheet Data to MM

Employee Data – Self Service

Maintain Personal Details via ESS

ESS / PA30 – Maintain HR Master Data
PA20 – Display HR Master Data

Organisational Changes

Create / Change Organisational Units
Create / Change Positions
Create / Change Jobs

PPOME – Change Organization and Staffing

Personnel Actions

Actions / Infotypes tend to be country-specific. Whereas scenarios in other functional areas tend to be chains of transactions (e.g. VA01 – VL01N – VL02N – VF01), Personnel Actions use chains of infotypes under a single transaction code. The country-specific infotypes are detailed in the PDF at the top of this page.

PA40 – Personnel Action:

Hire Employee
Change Position
Change Personnel Area / Sub-Area
Expatriation Active
Expatriation Inactive
Repatriation Active
Repatriation Withdrawn
Start Long Term Absence – Medical Leave
Start Long Term Absence – Maternity
Start Long Term Absence – Paternity
Start Long Term Absence – Adoption
Start Long Term Absence – Sabbatical
Start Long Term Absence – Long Term Leave
Start Long Term Absence – Military Leave
Return from Long Term Absence

PA30 – Maintaining Personal Data:

Maintain Personal Data – Organizational Assignment
Maintain Personal Data – Actions
Maintain Personal Data – Personal Data
Maintain Personal Data – Addresses
Maintain Personal Data – – Planned Working Time
Maintain Personal Data – Basic Pay
Maintain Personal Data – Bank Details
Maintain Personal Data – Monitoring of Tasks
Maintain Personal Data – Internal Data
Maintain Personal Data – Date Specifications
Maintain Personal Data – Communication
Maintain Personal Data – Personal IDs
Maintain Personal Data – Timesheet Defaults
Maintain Personal Data – Absence
Maintain Personal Data – Absence Quota
Maintain Personal Data – Quota Adjustment
Maintain Personal Data – Pension
Maintain Personal Data – Recurring Payments and Deductions
Maintain Personal Data – Additional Payments