Setting Up a Scenario in HP ALM – 2

With the template scenario set up and an identifying number assigned, we can copy this scenario as many times as we need into separate folders to represent test phases. We can also copy this scenario multiple times into the same test phase to represent multiple runs of the same scenario using different data.

Data Sheets

By maximising the reusage of a scenario, we need to ensure we are clear on the scenario differences by creating and maintaining a separate data sheet for each phase. This data sheet can clearly identify the source scenario, the target scenario, and each data object, so that the testers are clear on what the scenario entails; the data sheet can also be used by the data team to confirm readiness in their trial loads to the test system. In the following example we’re reusing the same base test scenario (Standard Sales Order, with a nominal Reference ID of 0001) in two different instances (as shown by the different test set IDs, set automatically by HP ALM):

Scenario Data Sheet Example

By creating scenarios in HP ALM in this way we’ve minimised the amount of work required in the setup by maximising the reuse of components and scenarios. A fairly generic component created for VA01 can be used and reused in multiple scenarios simply by copying the scenario in HP ALM and adding in more lines to the datasheet.


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