Test Management As A Project-Within-A-Project

Aligning the various components of SAP Test Management into the 47 process groups of the PMI PMBOK® Guide 5th Edition.

Why? Why even try to align test management processes with a project management body of knowledge?

The PMBOK describes a project as “a temporary endeavor [with a definite beginning and end] undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result”. Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements, and the PMBOK details the knowledge, processes, skills, tools, and techniques that are generally recognized as good practice that can enhance the chances of success of a project.

Compare this to test management within an SAP implementation project. At this point we should distinguish between test management for an SAP implementation project, test management for ongoing BAU activities in an SAP environment, and test management for non-SAP development projects – this site deals specifically with test management within an SAP implementation project, but there will be parallels in other projects also. Test management within an SAP implementation project has a definite beginning and end and creates a unique result, the signoff of one or more test phases. There are certain skills, tools, and techniques required to meet the test management objectives. SAP implementations tend to follow formal project management processes, and test management within SAP implementations tend to follow that same formality more or less.

Within the SAP Press book Testing SAP Solutions, the authors consistently refer to the “testing project in the SAP environment”. Within your SAP implementation project this may also be referred to as the “testing phase“, and of course under PMI PMBOK the processes and knowledge groups apply to project phases as well as projects or sub-projects.

Given that the PMBOK describes generally recognised good practices in project management, and that SAP test management itself is a sub-project or can be seen as a project-within-a-project, why wouldn’t you align your test management processes to that body of knowledge?

Interested?  Follow the link to the PMBOK 5th Edition Processes.